Intaglio Blockchain

Verified entities record authenticated objects and their history with the Intaglio Blockchain.


Problem and Solution

There is a crucial need to verify an object’s accurate description and provenance / ownership history. A primary concern is authenticity in a world of of counterfeit goods.

The Intaglio Blockchain’s ledger enables trusted parties to permanently tag and record the accurate description and provenance of an object. Clients have the choice of what information is to be private or public. The Intaglio Blockchain’s permanent, immutable ledger creates credibility and trust in objects. In addition, our tags provide a link to public information about the object.

We are neither proposing a cryptocurrency nor extending a coin offering.


We link verified objects and their history with the Intaglio Blockchain.


Why Intaglio Blockchain?  Why a blockchain platform? 
Those and other frequently asked questions:

Preserve authenticity

An permanent label and forensic tag(s) are attached to physical objects and merged to the Intaglio Blockchain.

Additional Transactions

Subsequent transactions require the use of our utility tokens including new sale, supporting documents, shipping.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

It is crucial to the value of the data on the blockchain that all parties entering information are trusted.  Intaglio Blockchain has a very strict verification process for all individuals who have permission to enter this data. 

No Additional Platforms but can have API (Customized User Interface)

Intaglio requires no additional platforms to be introduced.  All that is needed is a computer and a smart phone.   Optional custom data integration can be designed by the Intaglio tech team.

Open Source Architecture

Our architects firmly believe in open source architecture.  Our modular and open source models are available for third party apps to be developed using our public blockchain data.


The Trusted Blockchain.


Tag Security

The tags we use to link objects to our blockchain are non-transferable, non-reproducible and contain currency-grade security features.  

Access Security

High level security is vital to assure that only verified parties have the ability to enter objects on the Intaglio Blockchain. The updating mechanism we use is proof of authority combined with real-time digital certificates.  Intaglio Blockchain will always require multi-factor authentication. Stuart Haber is a world leader expert in cryptography and computer security and a founding member of our team.

We are serious about security: It is easier to get on a plane in the United States than to get an Intaglio ID. 


We have built the Intaglio blockchain on the Stellar IBM Platform because of its speed, scalability and improved technology.


Benefits of the Intaglio Blockchain.



Secure Access

Ability to track objects

Objects are verified

Objects have known provenance

Immutable ledger of objects

Improved brand equity of trusted sellers

Requires only a smartphone and a computer

Platform provides scalability

Not a coin offering


Intaglio Blockchain customers.


Who are the customers of the Intaglio Blockchain?

Intaglio Blockchain offers services to a wide array of target audiences.

Our projected immediate client base is in the art space and includes only the top, trusted auction houses, leading dealers and galleries, artists, and collectors. Several of these players have committed to a client relationships.

Intaglio Blockchain was built to fill the void in the world today regarding objects' verification and provenance. Any physical object that that needs to be verified and or history recorded, its owner is a potential customer. As we have built a proprietary blockchain platform with scalability and trust. Object and user verification are core to the Intaglio Blockchain. The more objects added the more robust our blockchain becomes.

We would like to explore industries including manufacturers and providers of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, cannabis, luxury goods, fine wine and spirits as all have a need to protect the authenticity of their products.


Intaglio Blockchain Launch.


December 2018.

Dates for the "hack-a-thon" (all hackers welcome) and genesis block ceremony (the creation of the first Intagalio block on the the Intaglio Blockchain) to be announce fall 2018.


Meet the Intaglio Blockchain Team.

James Garinkel.jpg

James Garfinkel
corporate development, strategic direction


Loni Efron
strategic relationships, technology & design


Stuart Haber
Chief Scientist

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 12.10.14 PM.png

Howard Coffman
Project Manager


Justin Myerson
Marketing and Public Relations


George Lambert
Chief Architect

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 9.15.45 PM.png

Brennan Robinson
Mobile Specialist


Stuart Levi
General Corporate Counsel
Skadden, LLP

Advisory Team

Larry FInk Profile Photo.png

Larry Fink
Photographer, Professor


Peter Fetterman
Gallery Owner
Petter Fetterman Gallery

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 6.02.10 AM.png

Nicholas Dawes
 VP Special Collections,
Heritage Auctions


Nancy Wolff
Digital Rights Legal Expert



We are in an active fundraising mode, contact us for details James Garfinkel at